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The Complete Food Lovers Fat Loss System

It's the easiest qweight-loss program you'll ever try and the last weight-loss program you'll ever need.

Metabolism Makeover Metabolism Makeover

21 Day
Metabolism Makeover

A step-by-step plan that help will reset your metabolism and force your body to burn fat rather than store it.

How To Make
A Fat-Loss Plate

Eat literally any food you want — including Fast Carbs like bread, pasta, wine and chocolate — in the right combinations so you lose weight rather than gain it.

Fat-Loss Plate Fat-Loss Plate
Eating Out Advisor Eating Out Advisor

Eating Out Advisor

We'll show you how to order a Food Lovers "Fat Loss Plate" at any type of restaurant. Including the best — and tastiest — fat-burning meals at the 25 most popular restaurant and fast food chains.

The Love to Eat

You're free to enjoy food again thanks to these mouthwatering recipes — plus can't-miss tips for tweaking all your family's favorite meals to be leaner and healthier. Now it's easy to "eat to lose," even if you've never cooked before!

The Love to Eat Cookbook The Love to Eat Cookbook
Million Meals Menu Planner Million Meals Menu Planner

Million Meals
Menu Planner

No more boring meal plans! Enjoy infinite variety with literally 1 million menu combinations to stoke your body's fat-burning furnace with foods you already have in your fridge.

Snack And Treat Guide

Nearly 1,000 snacks you can find in any grocery or convenience store to keep your metabolism running on high in between meals.

Snack And Treat Guide Snack And Treat Guide
Classic Comfort Food Recipe Cards Classic Comfort Food Recipe Cards

Classic Comfort Food
Recipe Cards

Quick and easy versions of your favorite comfort foods like meatloaf, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and even decadent desserts like brownies and apple pie.

Fat Loss Secrets
Day-by-Day CD Series

Daily motivation, tips and shortcuts that will assure you get the fat loss results you want.

Fat Loss Secrets Fat Loss Secrets
Food Lovers For Life Food Lovers For Life

Food Lovers For Life

A complete maintenance program with tools and strategies to keep the weight off ... forever.

weight loss food lovers
Weight loss made simple

You'll start out doing just one little thing each day, so there's no shock to your system or burden on your time.


It's easy to do, and it covers every aspect of food in your life: snacks, meals you cook, meals you eat at restaurants, tips for parties and get-togethers.

You can even eat pizza from your favorite takeout restaurant. We'll give you choices for foods you can eat with it that will produce the best results for your metabolism.

The Food Lovers Fat Loss System connects the dots for you, and within the very first week, you'll have a whole new understanding of how to eat for maximum fat-burning and maximum weight loss ... without even thinking about it, and without sacrificing a thing.

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